Welcome to the new cartoon strip LOS GIGANTES, the concept of which, was developed during a visit to the rocky and mountainous Spanish island dependancy of Tenerife.


Based in the coastal village of Los Gigantes, I would walk every day along the spectacular coastline and cliffs from which the area takes its name....and every day, within the natural formation of the rocks I would see a new face. Some of them comical, some a bit sinister, but all of them obvious to the eye. I've since discovered, Geologists refer to this phenomenon as Mimetoliths....the idea of LOS GIGANTES was born.


And so to the cartoon strip. They are two cliff face characters who have spent the last 145 million years staring out at the sea, making hilarious observations and witnessing the changes brought about thru' time and progress.


As "Cliff Faces", the characters never move position, though climatic  conditions and the time of day are constantly changing. In this format, the two LOS GIGANTES faces seem destined to become iconic cartoon figures.


Notice, that only one of the characters is actually referred to by name, leaving the wiser, more dominant face agonisingly anonymous.


Watch out for an animated version of each cartoon strip complete with voiceover and sound effects of Foghorns, Seabirds and Weather Systems etc.


So go ahead now, and join in the funny moments of LOS GIGANTES....I hope you enjoy them as much as I have in their creation.